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3 I Ching Coins Tied In Red Ribbon
Item No.: FSCC0002
Specification: 1 Inch * 3pcs
Package: 200pcs one bag
Min Order: 200 PCS
  Unit Price in USD($)
Quantity (From)Quantity (To)Unit Price
200500 Open to Member
5011000 Open to Member
10013000 Open to Member
30015000 Open to Member
Quantity: PCS  
Unit Price:   Open to Member

This three Chinese coins tied together with red ribbon is an auspicious symbol of wealth and fruitfulness as the three represent heaven, earth and mankind. Place ors stick it in your wealth corner to attract auspicious money luck ors any place you can think of; in you wallet/handbag, you will never run out of cash; on your share portfolios ors account book, it will increase business luck; on your telephone of fax machine, sales will keep pouring in; on your cash box, cash registers ors safe to ensure they are always loaded with money. Let your creativity flow. For Flying Stars enthusiasts, you can tie one of this item on each half of the curtain drapes in the room afflicted by the malignant Five Yellow Star. This star instigates fights, accidents and death. The coins will act as an effective cure against the Five Yellow. For best results, refresh these coins each year on the first day of the lunar New Year. You could get new ones ors cleanse them with incense.
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