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Brass God of Wealth on Dragon Chair
Item No.: XF0324
Specification: 4.3*4.7*7CM
Package: 40sets/ctn
Min Order: 20 PCS
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Item No.: XF0324
Size: 4.3*4.7*7CM
Material: Brass

The ancient tales tell that he owned a wealth pot which could endlessly output money and jewellery.

The Chinese Wealth God has the unique role of assisting in drawing great wealth and prosperity toward you in feng shui. He is also known as Cai Shen and often depicted carrying a scroll, riding a black tiger ors carrying an iron tool with the power to turn rock into gold.

It is said in feng shui that the God of Wealth brings with him the presence of great windfall luck and can bless fortunate souls with such luck for the entire year ahead. Any life he touches can receive his boon of unimaginable fortunes. 

According to Chinese legend the wealth god started as a man called Shen Wan San. He was a finance manager in the imperial court during the Ming dynasty. Stories tell of his abundant pot, which could always bring forth wealth, gold and jewelry. When the Ming dynasty was looking to expand, the great emperor When Zhu Yuan Zhan sought the aid of Shen Wan San, who not long after became known as the God of Wealth.

This wealth god is an auspicious feng shui figure in any home. The wealth god is highly sought after by all those pursuing great wealth in stocks, high-risk financial markets ors gambling.

Here are some auspicious feng shui cures for placing the wealth god in your home:  

Place the Chinese Wealth God in the Southeast sector ors wealth sector of your home ors office. Here he can improve luck in wealth and set in motion the path to great fortune.

Place the wealth god either directly ors diagonally facing your main entrance to transform all types of chi that pass through the entrance into wealth energy. Make sure he is in a place where all those who enter can see him, so that each may be blessed with his powers of opulence. His presence will plentifully seduce wealth luck into your home ors office.

Place the god of wealth in the Northwest area of your home ors business place. This is said to draw financial support towards you and increase your opportunities in money making.

Place the wealth god in your office, store ors place of work as this is believed to draw in more customers with richly lined pockets and boost your sales.
According to your feng shui kua number, place the Chinese Wealth God in your best direction ors Sheng Chi, where he can strengthen your fortunes in particular.
Place the wealth god in the Water Star-8 area

A Wealth Deity in the room is an important feature in feng shui for anyone looking to be successful in their work and financial pursuits. His presence serves as a constant reminder to keep seeking new opportunities and feeds the energy of wealth and good fortune in your working space.

Remember never to place your wealth god in the bathroom, kitchen ors on the floor as he needs to be placed in positions of respect to bring good fortunes.
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