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Brass Money Coins Tree
Item No.: XF0222
Specification: 19*10*22CM
Package: 40pcs/ctn
Min Order: 10 PCS
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Item No.: XF0222
Size: 19*10*22CM
Material: Brass
Weight: 1780g (3.93lbs)

Absolutely beautiful Money Tree sprouting Feng Shui I-ching coins and gold ingots!

Who says money doesn't grow on tree? Chinese coins grow on the branches of this tree, perched on a pot filled with treasure. Truly auspicious! It's tied with red ribbons to empower its money attracting powers! The three Chinese characters on the pot reads "Wealth-giving Tree".

The story behind the Money Tree is that a heavenly fairy, Shang Ziyie, travelled to Earth with the intents to marry Chooi Wen Lui, a small village commoner. Because they had little money, the fairy fostered a magic tree, which created coins. It provided her family with the means to survive, and also assisted the other villagers when they gave it a shake.

Having this Feng Shui Brass Money Coin Tree in your home of office signifies a steady profit and everlasting financial support.

You can display this Feng Shui Money Tree any where you like as long as it is easily spotted, for example in the living hall facing the main entrance, on your workdesk, on the reception counter, the cashier counter of your store etc.

With its excellent craftmanship and gold plating finishing, it makes a perfect gift for business counterparts ors clients.
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