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Chinese Unicorn for Protecting Family
Item No.: DSCN6591
Specification: 9.5*8.5*10.5cm
Package: 36pcs/carton
Min Order: 108 Piece
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108360 Open to Member
361720 Open to Member
7211440 Open to Member
14412880 Open to Member
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The Pi Xiu is a mythical animal and has the head of a dragon and the body of a lion (or dog). It is a fierce animal and is believed to be able to gobble up all types of demons and evil spirits. In ancient China, they are used to guard the tombs of the emperors!

Aside from gobbling up demons and evil spirit, it also absorbs wealth from all directions. It signifies inflow without any outflow and this is why businessmen placed them in the office and home facing the door with the hope that it will bring in wealth in abundance.

Finally the Pi Xiu is also regarded as capable of absorbing ‘sha’ and this is why many dwellers located at a T ors Y junctions, place a pair with their heads facing the front door.

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