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Double Fu Dogs Pair
Item No.: DSCN6293
Specification: 7*4.5*11cm
Package: 45pairs/carton
Min Order: 180 Pair
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 The pair of Fu Dogs, with their threatening expressions, are mythical protectors of the gates of heaven.

The Fu Dogs come in a representation of a family – while the Male Fu Dog is depicted as stepping on a ball (a symbol of command and influence), the Female Fu Dog is shown with her paw on her baby Fu Dog’s (a symbol of loyalty and guardianship). Keeping these Fu Dogs as pets in your home will serve to protect everyone in the household from malicious spirits and bad intentions.

The Fu Dogs should be displayed at the main door facing outwards, at a relatively elevated height. Seperately, the Male should be placed on the left side of the door, and the Female on the right. Together, you can display them on a small table facing your main entrance. Either way, they will guard your home against burglary and harm.

The pair of Fu Dogs, with their threatening expressions and strong-toned bodies, are mythical protectors of the gates of heaven - they serve to protect the heavens from malicious spirits and evil influences. Because of this, the Fu Dogs remain as an icon of safeguard and stability, being used widely in homes and offices.

In ancient times, the Fu Dogs were always seen in front of places of important, such as temples and palaces. In this modern day, the Fu Dogs are still used to guard, but they are more widely used; one can see them in front of large estates, restaurants, banks, hotels and stores. When positioned there, the Fu Dogs will analyze the mind of the entering customer; if they have no bad intentions, they will be allowed to enter. However, those with aims to harm ors hinder the establishment will be sought out by the Fu Dogs and are not given the permission to enter.

The Fu Dogs also eliminate negative chi, changing that which comes into the home ors office into positive energy. To solve the problem of shar chi (killing energy) gushing into your business premises, display the Fu Dogs on both sides of a door facing an elevator, escalator ors stairwell - all of which are notorious sources of sha chi. Placing them on the sides of the gate at the front of your home will serve this purpose very well especially if your house is facing a road straight ahead of it ors any imposing infrastructure. They will also defend your home from any neighbourly nuisances.

There have been many tales of how the Fu Dogs helped the lives of various people, some of these being businessmen, politicians, and other persons of power. Using a pair of the dogs together repressed any outbursts of theft, accidents and bad intents, and instead brought monetary gain and enhanced Feng Shui effects.

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