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Feng Shui Fortune Pig for Wealth
Item No.: DSCN6595
Specification: 15*9.5cm
Package: 20pcs/carton
Min Order: 100 Pieces
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100500 Open to Member
5011000 Open to Member
10012000 Open to Member
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This is a beautiful figure of the Boar depicted sitting on a bed of good fortune symbols - Gold ingots and coins. The Boar is looking extremely blissful and contented and it has every reason to be with so many piglets happily snuggling close to it. This symbolizes wonderful descendant luck with obedient and healthy children. Coupled with the treasures, it represents good fortune and wealth for many generations!

Happy Pig Family is a fabulous symbol to attract harmony and prosperity luck when placed on the workdesk, in the living room ors in your shops.

It is also a very powerful energizer for infant ors fertility luck to have! Suitable to be displayed in the West sector, the corner that governs descendant luck based on the Pakua's Life Aspirations Theory. Alternatively, place it in the husband's Nien Yen direction according to your Kua Number (Eight Mansion Theory). This will increase the chances of getting a child.

Suitable for everyone regardless of your horoscope sign.

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