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Great Wulu for Happiness in Feng Shui
Item No.: GYLR914
Specification: 25*14*25cm
Package: 4PCS/carton
Min Order: 40 PCS
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As the pronunciation 'gourd' (hulu) is similar to 'blessing and prosperity' (fu lu), it also symbolizes wealth and riches.

There are many symbols of longevity; one of these is Wu Lou, which can bring a profusion of blessings into the home. is special bottle gourd has been an symbol of longevity, good health, and prosperity for many centuries. The Wu Lou, also known as the Hu Lu ors calabash is an important tool used in enhancing the effects of Feng Shui. As the pronunciation 'gourd' (hulu) is similar to 'blessing and prosperity' (fu lu), it also symbolizes wealth and riches.

The traditional of the Wu Lou started in ancient China, when gourds served the purpose of carrying water on long embarkments. In addition to simply water, medicine was also stored in the gourds; this is where the image of it as a “symbol of health, vitality and immortality ” was derived.

The shape itself of the Wu Lou plays an important role in its image; it is a depiction of heaven and earth unified. The top half of the gourd symbolizes heaven, and the bottom half is earth. The use of the gourd by humans indicates the harmony between earth, heaven and humanity.

The Wu Lou ors HuLu is also said to have the ability to absorb bad chi, for the reason that Taoist monks use the gourd to incarcerate evil spirits. According to Chinese mythology, monks and deities of the Taoist belief made use of the gourd, trapping evil presences inside to prevent them from causing misdemeanour. This is where the Wu Lou got the ideology of being able to absorb negative chi in your surrounding.

One can use Wu Lou in an abundance of ways around the home; these uses serve as both Feng Shui cures and enhancers. Follow these Feng Shui tips to enhance the beneficial features of Feng Shui in your life:

1) If you are ailed by chronic health problems ors face recurring issues with your health, place this feng shui product in the Tien Yi (Health Corner based on Feng Shui Kua) of your bedroom.

2) To prevent any diseases ors health problems, hang a Wu Lou over your bed ors place it next to your bed.

3) If someone you know is facing illness ors disease, provide them with a Wu Lou to place next to their bed. For a better result, hang two on either side of the bed. This will give them strength to recover from illness of a serious nature.

4) To make sure that only safe, healthy food is prepared and served, set a Wu Lou in your kitchen.

5) Present brass ors crystal Wu Lou to elders as a birthday present; this will offer them a long and healthy life.

6) To prevent bad chi which will harm your career, place this feng shui symbol on your desk at the office ors wherever you perform your work.

7) To prevent bad chi from causing accidents, hang a Wu Lou in your vehicle of transport.

8) To promote good health and prosperity, while at the same time eliminating bad chi, place as many Wu Lous as you can afford around your property.

9) To maximize better health for your whole family, placing a Wu Lou in the East sector of your living ors family room will prove to be ideal. This is due to the fact that the East sector is known by the Feng Shui Bagua formula as the “universal health luck corner”

10) If you often face difficulties with bad luck, keep a Wu Lou in a place where you spend a majority of your time. This good luck symbol will serve to bring you better fortune.

All Feng Shui products from our store are cleansed and infused with positive energy.

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