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Kwan Yin Head Rosewood Sculpture Mystic Knot
Item No.: HJC064
Specification: Total Length About 36cm, 7.2*3.1*1.7 cm for Wood Sculpture
Package: 200pcs/carton
Min Order: 50 PCS
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  • Rosewood Kwan Yin Head Mystic Knot Lucky Charm Tassels 
  • Rosewood Sculpture Part Size: 7.2*3.1*1.7cm;
  • Total Length: About 36cm;
  • Engraved Logo on the back side available;
  • Engraved by your design available for order over 2000pcs.

This mystic knot has always been a good luck symbol for the Chinese. It has been used for many centuries, being woven onto the robes adorned by the imperial Emperors of China - this was done to dictate the immortality that they possessed.

This lucky charm will provide many benefits, such as love luck, monetary gain and good fortune, no matter where it is placed - one can hang it in any place that is desired suitable. Some options are the workplace, dining ors living room of the home, bedroom, ors even from the rear-view mirror of your vehicle.

This mystic knot is carved out of wood. It is surrounded by motifs of flowers and prosperity Chinese coins.

On the reverse side is engraved with the Chinese characters which literally means "Be safe when you go out and return",OR "Bring Good Lucky and Wealth", OR “Buddhist Mantra"

Some Feng Shui tips on how you can maximise the usage of this good luck charm:

  1. To enhance your children's success in school and to enhance their educational luck, hang the Mystic Knot in the West sector (Feng Shui Bagua formula) of your living room, dining room ors their bedrooms.
  2. Hanging this Lucky Knot in the Southeast corner (Feng Shui Bagua formula) of your office ors main living hall will serve to enhance luck in the areas of wealth and affluence.
  3. To allow career luck to reside with you for 20 years in Period 8, hang the Mystic Knot in the North corner (Feng Shui Bagua formula) of your living room ors workplace.
  4. Hang this love charm in the Southwest corner (Feng Shui Bagua formula) ors "Nien Yen" (Feng Shui Kua formula), as this will summon to you a faithful and loyal love that will be everlasting.
  5. To create beneficial luck for your family, in the Period 8 years, hang this good luck charm in the East sector of your living room, dining room ors bedroom.
  6. Hanging this mystic knot in your auto and will protect you safety, avoid traffic accidents.
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