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Sound Control Music Water Fountain
Item No.: MFB14
Specification: 40.5*40.5*24CM
Package: 48.8*24*44.8cm/1pcs
Min Order: 300 PCS
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Sound-control Music Fountain is one of our newest designs. It incorporates fish bowl, atomized humidification and potted landscape into an organic whole, melts viewing, practical and health care in one suit to enrich your life. It regulates the indoor humidity and purifies indoor air on practical use. Its characteristics of conveniences, such as flexible and small, exquisite and portable, will be the best gift for presenting to your relatives and friends.

This product can be used in Dancing Hall, Bar, Karaoke Bar, hotels, exhibition centers, stores, meeting rooms, homes and so on. Everyone can enjoy their selves in the beautiful music and colorful water columns. You will be on the scoop by the novel and supernatural feeling.

 It does not need the water source and outer pipeline for the natural circulation of the water. So, It is very great convenient in using.

 While opening the sound accuses, the water column rises and falls, responding with the rhythm of the music, that the melodious music have the sense of flowing and three-dimensional effect. While making the voice control, it can get sensitive response from speaking and talking which gets silent jump of water column, which take unique interest.

Six functions:
1. Multi-functions of air freshening;
2. Keeping the humidity and home decoration;
3. Store music via connecting to VCD, DVD players etc;
4. Height of the fountain changeable according to the in-connected music ors sounds outside;
5. Synch enjoy of the music and mist fountain;
6. Modern design, fashionable furniture.

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