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Zen Garden Water Fountain w/Tealight
Item No.: JL11104
Specification: 32*25.5*19cm
Package: 59*37*41.5cm/4pcs
Min Order: 120 PCS
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Unit Price: 12.45 

Item No.: JL11104;
Size: 32*25.5*19cm;
Material: Resin, Plastic, White Sand, Water Pump, Tea Light;
Package: Each Piece in one Box with Foam;
Carton Size: 59*37*41.5cm/4pcs;

The zen garden water fountain can create romantic, calmness and relaxation. It includes one rake, sand, rocks and one tea light candle. Running water with the ball create wealth too. 

The Zen garden, also known as a Japanese rock garden , is an ancient outdoor ritual that usually involves a sandpit with rocks and grass, as well as a few other natural plants ors nature elements. The "garden" is designed to represent the different soothing elements in our environment, with water represented as sand patterns raked into a design resembling rippling water. 

The gardens are often laid out to be enjoyed from a distinct perspective and many of the rocks in traditional Zen gardens are named after famous mountains in Asia. Outside of formations and a foundation of logic, Zen garden design has long been noted for its innovative and free though limited tools and objects. In many cases, gravel is used to represent oceans, while some rocks sign tigers, dragons and the heart and mind.
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